What Is Seamless Guttering?

Gutters attach to the edge of the roof and work to collect and divert water down and away from a home’s foundation. One of the newest technologies in the gutter industry is seamless guttering. Understanding what seamless guttering is and its benefits is necessary as you consider future improvements to your home.

Seamless Gutters

Traditionally, gutters come in 10- and 20-foot-long sections. A gutter installer utilizes various sections of gutters to create the specific length for your home’s needs. Each gutter piece is joined together with couplings, also known as connectors. Unfortunately, any connector between two gutter sections is a weak spot that can deteriorate and lead to problems later on.

Seamless guttering is a new technology that helps solve these weak spots. Instead of using couplers or connectors to join multiple gutter sections, seamless guttering technology uses one solid piece of gutter for each side of your roof. These gutters are formulated on-site by a professional installer. This means that they are perfectly tailored to match the size of your home.

Material Types

As with traditional gutters, seamless gutters come in several different materials. The most commonly used materials are aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, and zinc. The most cost-effective of these options is typically aluminum. However, you can go with the more luxurious look of copper if you choose. Realize that different seamless gutter installers may not offer all these material options. The most widely offered among professional seamless gutter installers is aluminum.

Installation Process

When your chosen seamless gutter installer arrives, they will start by taking measurements of your home. They will take one full-length measurement for each side of your roof that requires a gutter. Next, they will use their specialized equipment to mold a solid section of gutter into your preferred design.

The gutter is created from a large roll of metal colored to your preference. Once the gutter is formed to the correct size, your installer will mount your new gutter onto your home. Most contractors opt for using a hidden hanger design that screws into the existing fascia to hold the gutter securely in place.

A Highly Customizable Option

One cool feature of investing in seamless guttering is that you can choose from a variety of styles and colors. Some of the most common designs that homeowners prefer are box, decorative, quarter-round, half-round, radius, K-style, fascia, and flat-angle gutters. Seamless gutters are available in virtually any color you need to match your existing home. In the end, the customization of seamless guttering comes down to the equipment and knowledge of your seamless gutter installer.

Fewer Clogs

One of the most significant advantages of seamless guttering is that homes with this technology experience fewer clogs than those with traditional gutters. When gutters are installed in multiple sections, those joints can create hazards for homeowners. Your gutters may clog up in these regions because debris gets stuck in the crevasses of the joint. Just one small piece of debris getting stuck in a gutter joint can cause more items to get stuck there over time.

Fewer Leaks

Another problem with gutter joints is that they can end up leaking. Anywhere you put a joint in, it creates a spot of weakness. While you can apply silicone to help prevent water from seeping under the joint, it’s not a foolproof, permanent method. Over time, a combination of harsh weather and debris getting flushed through the gutter can damage the silicone.

Once even a small crack develops, water can seep through the silicone and into the joint, causing water to come out of the joint location and flow onto your home’s exterior. If this water is left too long, it can weaken the gutter structure and damage your home’s exterior. With seamless gutter technology, you will never have to worry about a joint potentially leaking and the associated damage.

Resistant to Sagging

Another pitfall of traditional gutter installation is that the gutter sections tend to start pulling away at the joint. When you have a gutter section held together with multiple joints compared to a solid section of gutter, it’s no surprise that the section with multiple joints will be more prone to buckling. When this sagging occurs, it requires quick repair to ensure the overall integrity of the entire gutter system. With a seamless gutter, there is no real worry about sagging because the section is one solid metal sheet.

Easier Maintenance

One great advantage of seamless guttering is that it requires much less maintenance than traditional gutter installation methods. While both require regular cleaning to remove buildup and debris, traditional gutters require more maintenance steps than seamless gutters. For example, every few years, all the joints need silicone reapplied to ensure protection from leaks. Additionally, sagging areas must be fixed before the gutters get pulled further from the roof.

Aesthetically Pleasing

When you compare a seamless gutter installation to a traditional gutter installation, it becomes clear that the seamless technology is more visually appealing. First, there are no joints that throw off the balanced look of the gutter. In addition, since seamless gutters have a wider selection available than traditional gutters, they tend to blend better with a home’s design and color scheme.

Reduced Repair Cost

One of the most annoying parts of dealing with a traditional gutter installation is the potential repairs involved. Over time, the joints will pull apart from each other and away from the roof. When this happens, you must pay a professional to come in, rejoin those pieces, and reattach the gutter to your fascia. With seamless gutter technology, you will encounter much fewer repairs over the lifespan of your system.

Finding an Installer

Not all roofing companies offer seamless gutter installation. It is a specialized service, and you will need to seek out a company with the training and tools to complete the job.

As you are looking for a trusted professional for your seamless gutter installation, ensure the company you choose for your installation service offers the gutter material you desire in the color you want. In addition, make sure they can fabricate your gutters in a design that works for your structure. Any reputable installer will provide you with design and color samples to give you an idea of the options available. Once you find a company that offers the product you’re looking for, it’s time to get an estimate.

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