Our team at Riker was founded on some simple, yet revolutionary principles. We know that many of our competitors and your previous encounters with roofing or service companies have felt transactional. You feel like just another “sale” in their books. Not with us! Riker is revolutionizing the customer experience!

We are in the business of building true relationships with our customers that extend well beyond installing a roof or fixing a leaky pipe.

A Revolutionary Approach to Service

How do we achieve this? In many different ways. For example, our roofing team utilizes drones to survey and inspect your roof so we don’t disturb it by walking all over it. We also emphasize providing you with a range of options to fit your exact situation, needs, and budget. Plus, we offer financing options to do more than just pay for a new roof – to help you with deductibles, too.

Our revolutionary approach all begins with how we get our customers. Simply put – WE DON’T KNOCK DOORS! You won’t ever catch us banging on your door uninvited or bothering you with a cold call or pamphlet left on your driveway. That’s just not our style. Instead, we trust that our reputation and online presence will extend itself to referrals and word of mouth from real customers of ours just like you.

Riker Technician

Count on Riker!

We were founded in 2022 with the goal of building genuine relationships with our customers and providing honest, high-quality services that improve your daily life. Our team is available 24/7 to meet your needs, and we’ll always stand behind the work that we perform.

We’re excited to continue growing our Riker family of both employees and customers. Our team loves to serve, and we’re extremely proud of the level of service we provide for our valued clients.

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We invite you to discover the revolutionary approach we bring to the table. Contact us today and see for yourself what sets Riker apart from the rest!