How to Find the Best Garage Door for Your Home

Your garage door serves the practical purpose of closing your garage and keeping your vehicles and property safe. The garage door also influences the curb appeal of your home. When you’re in the market for a new garage door, you’re going to want to choose carefully. By picking the right model, you’ll have a garage door that works flawlessly and contributes to your home’s style.

Measure the Dimensions

When you’re replacing a current garage door, size matters. You’ll need a door that matches your garage’s opening. A door that’s too big won’t fit in the space, and a too-small variety won’t reach from one side to the other. Of course, you’ll need to consider the height in addition to the width. You’ll want to make sure that your door is tall enough to reach all the way to the ground!

For the most accurate measurements, have a garage door professional take them. Once you have the official dimensions, you can narrow down the selection of available doors.

If you’re putting up a new garage, you may have a bit more flexibility in the size of your garage door. One of the first decisions to make is whether you’re building a one-car garage with a smaller door or a two-car garage that needs a wider one. You may be able to pick out the door first and then have your builder construct the opening to match.

Choose Your Color and Style

One of the top things to consider is what sort of look you want your garage door to have. Many homeowners choose a color that coordinates with their house color or matches the trim. Others choose a neutral door, or they opt for the look of natural wood. (Keep in mind that many doors that seem to be made of real wood are actually low-maintenance fiberglass.)

In addition to picking out the perfect door color, you’ll also want to decide which style best complements your house. A timeless look for garage doors is the raised-panel design, which features a pattern of embossed rectangles. Other doors feature bead-board textures or farmhouse styles with X-shaped braces.

Compare Methods of Opening

Most garage doors feature a sectional design. This style rolls down from the garage ceiling on tracks. An overhead-sectional door can typically be paired with an automatic opener for convenience.

There are some other styles on the market as well. Some doors slide to one side or the other. Others have hinges on the side and open outward like window shutters. While you may have options for an automatic opening system with such doors, it can be expensive. Plus, doors that open outward take up a large amount of space.

If you love the look of swinging or barn-style doors but want the convenience of an overhead sectional, don’t despair. Manufacturers understand the appeal of those designs and often make sectional doors to match.

Prioritize Sturdiness

Your garage door is an investment, so you’ll want it to last for a long time. Durability will help with that.

High winds, in particular, have the potential to damage garage doors. You can judge a garage door by its ability to stand up to stormy weather.

The door itself should be made of a strong material, such as steel. Don’t choose just any steel, though. Opt for a variety that is 24 gauge or lower. Steel strength increases as the gauge level decreases.

In addition, you may want to go beyond the base models when shopping for springs or struts. Higher-end parts can offer extra durability.

Your municipality may have rules about how strong your garage door needs to be. You can ask your Plano-area garage door professionals for information about complying with local building codes.

Think About Maintenance Needs

Different garage door materials require different levels of care. Both steel and fiberglass doors are known for being low maintenance. You may occasionally need to apply a layer of protectant to a fiberglass door, but that’s not an every-year job.

Metal doors also don’t require much maintenance work. They’ll withstand rust without extra effort. In Texas’ warm temperatures, though, you may need to apply a heat protectant every once in a while.

Wood doors call for much more care. You will need to repaint or stain them on a regular basis. They’ll need coats of sealant, too. Otherwise, they will be prone to warping or cracking.

Contemplate Insulation

You may think an insulated garage door is necessary only in cold climates. As a Texas resident, insulation might seem unnecessary for you. Not so fast! No matter where you live, an insulated garage door could be a worthwhile investment.

It can get chilly in Texas at times. When that happens, you may be glad for a garage door that works hard to keep the biting cold at bay.

Plus, insulation is useful in hot climates as well. This can be especially important if you have an attached garage. An uninsulated garage door could be a prime escape route for your home’s climate-controlled air. That will put excess demand on your air conditioner, leading to higher power bills.

Another reason to prioritize insulation is if you use your garage as a hang-out spot. You’ll appreciate that it’s easier to keep the space at a comfortable temperature. If the garage has its own air conditioning unit, insulation will allow it to run more efficiently.

When you’re shopping for a well-insulated garage door, check out the R-value of each model. The higher the R-value, the more insulating power the door will have.

Consider Windows

No, your garage door doesn’t have to have windows. However, glass windows can be a nice addition that elevates the look of your garage. Plus, if you frequently hang out in your garage, you may appreciate the natural light that windows contribute to the space.

If you choose a windowed garage door, you’ll want to consider the windows’ style. You could go with clear or tinted glass. There are also frosted varieties that let in the light while maintaining your privacy. If cold weather is a concern, it might be best to select insulated glass.

Windows come in different sizes and shapes. Common heights are 12 inches and 16 inches. You might want square corners or windows with arched tops. Perhaps you’d prefer to have one main window or several smaller ones.

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