12 Benefits of Roofing With Contractor Tiles

You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to selecting a roof covering for your house. But not all of them can match concrete tile roofing’s degree of functionality, toughness, and beauty. For good reason, concrete tiles are among the most widely used and traditional roofing materials worldwide. They can be manufactured to fit any architectural style by molding an amalgamation of sand, cement, and water into a variety of forms and colors. They are the best option for every homeowner because they offer numerous benefits over other kinds of roofing materials. We’ll go over some of the benefits of concrete tile roofing in this article, along with why you should pick Riker Home Services as your reliable roofing provider.

1. Excellent Longevity and Durability

Concrete tiles are resistant to a variety of inclement weather events, including hail, snow, wind, and rain. Additionally, they are not prone to damage caused by corrosion, rust, mold, and insects. Concrete tiles require little upkeep and repairs and can endure for at least 50 years. In the long term, this means you can save money and effort when it comes to replacing or repairing your roof.

2. Range of Styles and Colors

The range of colors and styles available for concrete tile roofing is another of their benefits. There are several different styles to select from, including barrel, slate, wood shaking, curved, and flat. Additionally, you can alter the color of your tiles to fit your taste and the exterior of your house. Whether you like a conventional, modern, or rustic appearance, you can get a concrete tile roofing solution that fits your taste and budget.

3. Resistance to Fire

A bonus for the security and worth of your house is that concrete tile roofing is fire-resistant. It is capable of withstanding intense fire exposure without catching fire or spreading flames since they have a Class A fire rating. In addition to preventing fire damage to your house, this can minimize your insurance costs. Also, concrete tiles can stop sparks and embers from falling off your roof and starting nearby fires.

4. Sustainability

The environmental sustainability and friendliness of concrete tile roofing should ease your concerns regarding the decision you have made for your roof. Sand and water are two examples of naturally occurring, renewable elements used to make concrete tiles. Due to their lower energy and resource requirements during production and transportation compared to other roofing materials, they also have a lower carbon impact. They reflect heat and provide insulation against extreme temperatures, helping you save on energy consumption. In addition to lowering your greenhouse gas emissions, this can also minimize your heating and cooling costs.

5. Hassle-Free Maintenance

Because they don’t need to be painted, sealed, or coated, concrete tiles are simple to maintain. To clean the debris and dirt from your roof, we might use a pressure washer or a hose. If a tile breaks or becomes damaged, we can repair it separately from the remainder of your roof. They also have a compact interlocking structure that keeps water from seeping through, making them less vulnerable to leaks and water damage.

6. Affordable Costs

It’s not as pricey as you might imagine to install concrete tile roofing. In actuality, concrete tiles are reasonably priced and economical, especially when you take into account their life span and durability. They have a reduced life cycle cost because they are more durable than most other types of roofing materials and require less maintenance and repairs. Additionally, concrete tiles can improve the curb appeal and value of your house, which will enable you to sell it more quickly and for a higher price.

7. Energy Efficient

Due to their low thermal conductivity and high thermal mass, concrete tiles can reduce your energy and heating and cooling expenses. This implies that they have the ability to collect and hold heat throughout the day and emit it at night, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your house all year round. Additionally, heat-reflecting concrete tiles can keep heat out of your house throughout the summer, perhaps eliminating the need for air conditioning.

8. Noise Resistance

The sound resistance of concrete tile roofing may be something to consider if you reside in a noisy region, such as next to an airport or busy road. Additionally, they can reduce the noise produced by wind, hail, and rain, giving you and your family a calm and quiet environment.

9. Wind Resistance

Another benefit of concrete tile roofing is its resistance to wind, which is crucial in regions that frequently have hurricanes or high winds. They are solid and safe on your roof because of their low profile and high weight. Additionally, their interlocking mechanism keeps them from rising or taking off from your roof. Concrete roofing tiles have a wind resistance of as high as 125 mph, which is greater than that of the majority of other roofing materials.

10. Rainwater and Tank Safe

With concrete roof tiles, you won’t have to be concerned about corrosion or contamination when collecting and storing the rainwater that falls on your roof. Concrete tiles do not release any metals or chemicals into the water and are non-toxic. Additionally, because they are impermeable and cannot absorb water, mold and algae cannot feed on them. Depending on the water’s quality and the filtering system, you can utilize this rainwater for a variety of tasks, including drinking, washing, and gardening. This could assist you in preserving water and saving money, particularly in places where water is scarce or where water costs are high.

11. Salt Safe

Salt safety is another benefit of concrete tile roofing. This means that it is resistant to the damaging effects of coastal winds and salt spray, which can harm other kinds of roofing materials. They also resist fading and discoloration, which may take away from the roof’s visual appeal. Even in locations with significant exposure to sunlight and salt, concrete tiles can hold their color and form for an extended period of time. This can lower expenses for periodic repairs or replacements while also increasing the curb appeal and marketability of your house.

12. Easy to Install

Concrete tiles are simple to install. They can be installed on metal or any other kind of roof deck although their weight may require structural reinforcement to the roof. They require less work and time to install because they are manageable. They also can be laid in any type of weather because they are resistant to heat, cold, and wetness. Additionally, they can be cut and curved to meet any hip, valley, or gabled roof form.

Reach out to Riker Home Services, your reliable roofing company, if concrete tile roofing is something you’re considering. We can handle any roofing emergency, including leaks, cracks, and storm damage, whenever needed. Since roofing improvements can be costly, we provide flexible and reasonably priced financing options to meet your demands and budget. We provide a money-back guarantee on all roofing projects because we are confident in our craftsmanship and client satisfaction. We provide home energy rebates for installing energy-efficient roofing materials, including concrete tiles, because we are dedicated to helping you save money and energy on your roofing job. Turn to us for the best roofing installation around, as well as roofing repairs!

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